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Corporate Event

Employee Celebration Event

Corporate Event

Hybrid Employee Celebration Event


The Brief

Unite our geographically diverse team for a company wide recognition celebration. Make this hybrid event happen across 6 cities, 5 states and 3 time zones all at once. Collaborate with our meeting planning partner on logistics and production.

Our Work

Design | Production | Logistics

Design and produce a hub and spoke experience with special consideration given to remote attendees. Make the experience of a hosted cocktail reception, elegant dinner, and meaningful program identical in real time. Craft floor plans in all cities that would work for both conversation and viewing remote action on large screens. Coordinate the timing and onsite management of catering. Provide and manage decor set-up and gift distribution to 6 different venues. Equip each remote site with an a/v and satellite support team and assure a simultaneous and successful delivery of the event program. Rapidly prepare and execute a photo share of all 6 cocktail receptions during dinner. Throughout the event, prominently display the Alerus brand. Incorporate it everywhere, from invitations through to a 10’ scenic element on the broadcast stage. Make everyone feel a part of the energy of the live broadcast location by incorporating video of team member successes in every market. Finally top it off with a 6 city champagne toast.

The Experience

It was a special evening for 700 individuals stretched across the United States. Senior staff received abundant positive feedback from attendees and Senior leadership achieved their objective of recognizing and energizing their entire organization.


branded votive candles


miles between furthest locations


Hours of satellite time