We love experiential events

We are passionate about making your guests feel engaged. We are driven to delight stakeholders and achieve objectives. We thrive on making your event better than you could have imagined.

We believe…

events exist to effect change – in attitudes, behavior and culture. There is remarkable power in the gathering of people and the sharing of compelling stories.
We approach each project with curiosity and empathy. It is essential to stand in the guest’s shoes, thinking deeply about their experience from start to finish. Our creative conscious continually challenges us to be more equitable, more inclusive, safe and sustainable.
Our theatrical and rebellious nature is an asset, enabling us to creatively solve routine problems. We equally value no surprises in the activation of our experiences. It is in the tension of pushing boundaries and careful contengencies that we find success.

“The result of gathering can change the world.”

– Ryan Hanson, BeEvents

We exist…

to make a measurable impact on the world. Our best day is when we are doing some good with the work we make: creating art to impact culture or inspire others, installations that educate and advocate, generating resources to help our community, and infusing happiness into a generally exhausting world.

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We promise…

to produce sustainable, inclusive and safe events to make a positive impact on our carbon footprint, the community and the well-being of our attendees. Here are the ways we are taking action to achieve this mission.


  • Select vendors with sustainability goals
  • Repurpose or upcycle event elements
  • Use sustainably sourced products
  • Rent and reuse whenever possible
  • Opt for LED lighting
  • Referrals for donating surplus food
  • Propose digital assets to eliminate paper waste (ie. signage, invitations, etc.)
  • Recommend recyclable materials for signage
  • Buy local, in-season food and floral
  • Reduce consumption of single-use plastic


  • Design floor plans that accommodate guests with mobility issues
  • Include closed captioning on video
  • Hire sign language interpreters
  • Propose hybrid solutions when possible
  • Design for diversity and inclusion
  • Offer post-event inclusivity survey
  • Resource family-owned and/or minority-owned businesses


  • Design floor plans that adhere to current CDC guidelines
  • Assess and minimize potential security risks
  • Build safety checkpoints and security locations
  • Develop emergency plans and routes

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