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Corporate Event

Meeting in the Round


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Steve Allen Photography
Corporate Event

Meeting in the Round


The Brief

Reinvent the environment and the tone of the experience for a corporate meeting of 500 district leaders.

Our Work

Design | Build | Logistics

Form a vision for an updated corporate meeting, working within a standard hotel ballroom.  Encourage our client to remove the boundaries of a massive stage, traditional podium and rows of theater seats for a more open experience in the round. Design a circular floor plan with a center stage surrounded by furnishings that allowed attendees to select their seating and their perspective – comfy sofa, traditional chair, or stool at a work surface. Redesign the room and give it a more inviting feel.  Do so by wrapping the walls in warm wood tones using custom fabricated scenic paneling.  Finally, add coordinating mid-century modern furnishings for a comfortable, conversational meeting atmosphere.

The Experience

The transformation of was remarkable. The space was just as striking as it was warm and inviting. Any doubt about the diverse seating options was quickly dismissed when team members readily gravitated towards the comfortable sofa and club chair seating. Internal client data documented this was one of the highest-rated internal meetings on record.


unique wood grain wall panel patterns


furniture items creating 7 seating options


Running feet of Velcro required for installation