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Corporate Events

Billion Dollar Bash

Boston Scientific

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Lauren B Photography
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Corporate Events

Billion Dollar Bash

Boston Scientific

The Brief

Celebrate and recognize a rock star operations team for their role in surpassing a mega-milestone sales goal. Make it interactive and unforgettable.

Our Work

Design | Build | Production | Logistics

Turn a celebration lunch into an immersive VIP rock star experience for 450. Make it feel real by starting with luxury tour bus transportation.  Add a tour manager guide, security detail, and paparazzi frenzy at the stage door entry to simulate a VIP entrance. Rock a backstage party with personalized employee rider requests, a v-jay and 3 mini live concerts. Build an authentic merch booth.  Create album cover and band photo ops.  Offer guests analogue and digital arcades including Guitar Hero competitions.  Create opportunities to mingle with other celebrities (impersonators). Finally, float the bar so everyone in the room can watch the Division President kill the last song on the drum kit and thank the team for all they accomplished.

The Experience

An audience of sometimes reserved engineers dove into a rock-n-roll fantasy. They enjoyed personalized details at every turn. Guests left with superstar memories, a song in their head and confetti in their hair.


Banana Flavored Runts


Custom Guitar Picks


Pieces of Confetti