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Brand Activation

Flugtag VIP Viewing Party

Red Bull

Photo credits:

Sara Fish Photography
SBH Photography
Brand Activation

Flugtag VIP Viewing Party

Red Bull

The Brief

Create an interactive entrance experience with a WOW factor.

Our Work

Design | Build | Logistics

Lead guests through a mocktail hedge maze. Surprise VIPs with a memorable face- to-face ingredient selection and delivery at every turn. Serve up keepsake drink cups, syrup or juice shots, a choice of Red Bull flavors and finally, mocktail bling.

The Experience

VIP and influencer praise for the entrance event, coveted Red Bull keepsake cups, and shareable, on brand moments.


Drink utensils provided


linear feet of hedge assembled


guests lost in a maze

“I had the opportunity to work with BeEvents on a large scale event and was impressed by the level of professionalism, creativity, and overall execution by BeEvents and their team.”
– Erin L.