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Brand Activation

Innovation Destination

Brand Activation

Innovation Destination


The Brief

Elevate 3M’s presence at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Host, inform, and conduct meetings in a fresh, new way that would be enjoyed and remembered.

Our Work

Design | Build | Production | Logistics

Act as visionary and conductor to reimagine the possibilities for this highly visible event. Our vision, inspired by a walk through the 3M Innovation Lab, was to take guests on an experiential journey of new technologies. Three hotel suites at the Wynn were built into immersive meeting environments where 3M product technologies were given their respective moments, complete with stops along the way to learn, meet, and entertain.

The Experience

No status quo conference experience here. 115 meetings in three suites over a three-day period. The event was an outstanding success – exceeding the client’s expectations for experience, partnership, and guest feedback


meetings hosted


water bottles added to landfill


steps walked by onsite event team