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Corporate Events

Aveda Congress


Photo credit: Dan Norman

Corporate Events

Aveda Congress


The Brief

Create a community and brand experience, including a functional retail area, to keep salon owners excited about and invested in the Aveda brand. Design and activate an experience cementing Aveda’s position as the leader in sustainable, luxury haircare products. Impress discerning attendees, including Estee Lauder VIPs, while staying within the constraints of brand and budget.

Our Work

Design | Production | Logistics

Our approach was built upon a foundation of collaboration; Aveda planners presented initial concepts for our creative team to build upon. Sustainability was at the forefront of every decision we made. From material selection to the fabrication process, we tirelessly championed our client’s desire to reduce environmental impact. A clean and monochromatic aesthetic was chosen to reintroduce Aveda’s brand to the luxury market, this entailed sleek lines, a palette of neutrals, and natural elements. The framework of the space formed the Aveda “A”, keeping the brand identity core to the experience. Interactive education spaces, a thriving retail area, and an immersive heart rate visualization dubbed, “The Heart of Aveda” each provided unique opportunities for guests to participate. As the design developed, the scope expanded to encompass spaces for artists and influencers to capture content to reach a greater virtual audience.

The Experience

The outcome was a gathering that exuded high-end prestige and captivated audiences all while being created with 97% sustainable components. The overall aesthetic and opportunities to engage one-on-one with brand experts drove high levels of engagement. Expectations for retail sales were exceeded, ensuring that people were taking the experience home with them. Stylish education areas, a popular VR lounge, and a 360-degree photo booth all contributed to the experience. We effectively shifted Aveda’s brand into the future, impressing the wide range of salon owners, managers, and Aveda artists in attendance.


salon owners, managers, and Aveda artists in attendance


sustainable – recycled, reused or rented elements used


360-degree live photo GIFs taken

“I LOVE it, and I don’t use the word ‘love’, ever.”
– Estee Lauder VP