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October 12, 2022 Audrey Kearns

Design Theory

Taking Guests on an Adventure

One of the most compelling ways to design an event is to take the audience on an adventure. Similar to Alice following the White Rabbit down into the fantastical world of Wonderland, our favorite way of delivering adventure is to unveil experiences throughout the event, each one building upon what came before it. This creates a captivating narrative that will inspire audiences and leave a lasting impression on the people experiencing it.

From the unassuming rabbit hole to the psychedelic forest, the Mad Hatter’s tea party to the Queen’s rose garden, the adventure approach is effective because it upends the expectation of the attendee. This keeps attendees excited about the event and builds anticipation for what is to come next. 

Designing an event that takes attendees on an adventure starts with a narrative. Define the story you want to tell and create the chapters, making sure that each chapter builds upon the previous one in a systematic way. Once the narrative is defined, it is critical to think through the guest experience then build your adventure from there. Consider how attendees will explore the space from the moment they get there to the time they leave. Focus on capturing their attention and keeping them engaged throughout.

Some of our most successful events have used an adventure approach, including the Bold North SuperBowl Host Committee Experience.

This event was crafted to introduce the magic of Minnesota to people who had never visited before. We wanted to change the expectation of what Minnesota was to out of town visitors, an event journey was the perfect way to do that. 

The Bold North theme told the story of Minnesota’s unique personality. It unfolded as the party moved through three distinct spaces over the course of the night: a glamorous ice house, upscale cabin experience and ultimately a northern lights inspired lounge. Not only were the environments distinctive, but the engagements also seamlessly integrated with the narrative.

First stop, the upscale ice house where attendees reveled in the luxury of what an ice house could be. This small and intimate space welcomed guests with whimsical stilt-walkers, aerialist bartenders pouring champagne from above, and a performer inside a life-size snow globe. Oversized ice walls doubled as frozen drink dispensers and guests seized the moment by getting photos and videos taken at the cozy fireplace photo op.

Next, the elevated cabin experience brought guests “in from the cold”, turning heads with inventive upscale cuisine for refined palettes. This Northwoods cabin with a luxe twist paid homage to Minnesota with handcrafted whiskey cocktails and a do-it-yourself gourmet s’mores bar.

Ultimately, the northern lights lounge left guests in awe! The space was enveloped in hues of blue and purple with projected aurora borealis swirls. Guests observed in wonderment as fire-dancers and aerialists performed. Then later, a rocking’ all-female band kept attendees dancing all night long. The journey not only enchanted the guests, but also successfully told the story of Minnesota’s distinctive personality, shifting the perception of Minnesota from “fly-over” state to a desirable destination.

Using adventure within an event will provide a captivating narrative for attendees to emotionally connect with. Are you ready to fall down the rabbit hole? Partner with BeEvents to transform your narrative into an enticing adventure your guests will love.

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