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May 28, 2024 Audrey Kearns

Level Up Your Experience Design

Experiences Transformed with Smart Experience Design

Does this sound familiar? 

  • There’s only time to react, you can’t explore new ways to achieve success. 
  • Higher-ups insist on sticking to the playbook, you have to settle for “good enough”. 
  • What was once fun is now just execution year after year. 

We understand your pain, it’s what drove us to create a holistic approach to event planning.

Smart Experience Design is a strategy born from the desire to make experiences better by pushing boundaries while respecting budgets. It’s the collective wisdom gained from decades of delivering high-impact experiences that people love. BeEvents delivers this strategy through a process that optimizes budgets, measures success, and we want it to be the most fun you have at work.

Level Up Your Experience Design

Smart Experience Design breathes life into the planning process. Here’s how:

  1. Impactful Experiences Within Budget: With fresh audience insights and trend-right concepts, we guarantee that your spend is directed to areas that return the highest audience impact.
  2. A Process That Makes Work Fun: We guide you through a proven creative process that allows you to leave your unique mark on the masterpiece we make together.
  3. Measurable Results: Every dollar spent should have a tangible impact, with clear outcomes and success metrics, we justify investment and drive success.

Lessons in Taking a Conference Meet-up from dinner to DINNER

Tasked with entertaining professionals whose job it is to entertain, fielddrive, an event tech company, needed a partner to create an experience that ‘wow’-ed. As an out-of-town brand, they sought to foster deep connections and highlight their commitment to sustainability at the BizBash Connect Conference Dinner. Enter BeEvents, the local design experts who could elevate the experience and bring their goals to fruition.

Our approach aimed to elevate the standard conference dinner using Smart Experience Design. We enhanced the experience by directing spending to high-impact areas that spoke to our client’s objectives: selecting an eco-chic venue, incorporating a sustainable plant-based menu, and chauffeuring attendees via electric vehicle. Next, we leveled it up with intentionality, honing in on the desired conversational element, we designed a U-shaped table setting to encourage interaction. Additionally, we discovered attendee’s favorite songs and had them playing when they were transported to the event. The personalization added a unique touch that made guests feel included and special.

The event was a masterpiece of Smart Experience Design, featuring an interactive 11-course, meatless meal by Travail chefs in a plant-adorned venue. As the evening unfolded, attendees were swept into a world of remarkable hospitality and intimate connections, garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback. And the effortless process allowed our client to relax and have fun. 

Smart Experience Design isn’t just about planning events; it’s about crafting moments that matter. We care just as much about the guest experience as we do our clients’ experience. As empathetic leaders, we are driven to elevate event experiences. Partner with us to embark on a journey of creativity, collaboration, and delight. Together, we’ll create events that exceed your wildest dreams.

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