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March 16, 2022 Audrey Kearns

If You Plan It, Will They Come?

Pre-Event Engagement

Now that we have become accustomed to a virtual world, we understand that there is a shift in event engagement. Engagement exceeds the moment, day and time of the event; it actually starts way before the event begins. With this new understanding of event engagement, it is important to note that registration is the new attendance. 

The moment someone signs up for the event, they are now agreeing to be a part of the experience. This is where the new opportunity for audience engagement lies, but it poses a challenge to event planners, because now they must become event marketers. 

If done correctly, pre-event engagement will boost audience participation, build anticipation and drive higher attendance rates. Some great ways to engage with attendees before the event include communicating expectations, generating excitement and building community around the event. 

Communicate Expectations

In a world that still is filled with uncertainty, people value clear and direct communication. When attendees know exactly what to expect from the event, it will soothe their uncertainty. Clearly communicate all the logistical details including: the event agenda, dress code, safety requirements, registration details, venue access, etc. Providing any applicable information that is useful to the attendees is of paramount importance. It will help them understand what they are committing to, and they will feel safer and more knowledgeable about what is to come. 

Generate Excitement

Building buzz around your event will make it so attendees won’t want to miss out! Releasing creative touch points along the way will drive anticipation and excitement for attendees. This is where creativity can come into play! Sending teasers, promotional videos, content blips, blog posts, engaging social media campaigns and guest speaker highlights are all great ways to hype your event up. These touch points will keep attendees interested and will build the event’s identity so attendees know what to expect.

Build Community

To create a lasting impact, something that far exceeds the moment of your event, build a community amongst your attendees. By initiating conversations early and having attendees engage amongst each other you will capture a highly engaged audience during your event. Leveraging platforms like open conversations on social media platforms are one way to share ideas and start a dialogue. Attendees engage with each other beforehand, they will enjoy their new community and the event even more!

When you think about registration as the start of event engagement tactics you gain new opportunities for your event to have a long lasting impact. By communicating expectations, generating excitement and building community, you will reap higher event attendance, have more excited guests and higher event engagement. 

Want to learn more about pre-event engagement? Contact the BeEvents team to help build out your next buzz-worthy activation.

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