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October 28, 2021 yellowhippo

Event Planning in Uncertain Times

How a Creative Partner Can Help

The world is immersed in uncertainty. We value human connection and interaction, we crave excitement and experiences. Prior to the pandemic we could get all of these things at an event activation. But the world has changed, we have evolved as people and we are expecting more out of events – safety, inclusion, flexibility. In a world of uncertainty, how do we adapt to this change and move forward?

You may not initially think to ask for strategic help from a creative partner in uncertain times, but you can and you should! A great creative partner is a lifeline in uncertain times. Creatives love change, it is where they thrive! They are skilled at thinking and planning for what comes next, and can help take you there in a way that is comfortable to you.

Creative thinking comes to the rescue because creative partners are drivers of change. They build strategy from an outside perspective to create new paths forward. Creatives are resourceful in making new ideas work, they are masters of contingency planning, and also provide reassurance and support.

Creatives Offer an External Perspective

In uncertain times, people tend to internalize their problems and disconnect from the external world. A creative partner sees your problem from a different vantage point. They are often free from the constraints of how things have been done in the past, allowing them to more easily envision what could be. They can see the paradigm shift and offer a perspective that you may not have initially considered.

Creatives Provide a Clearly Defined Path Forward

Being naturally curious, creatives are wired to watch design and engagement trends and adapt them into solutions for all types of audiences. A great creative partner will take time to understand your objectives. They will clearly outline how a new event design or delivery method will meet your goals, providing decision makers with what they need to feel confident in the solution. Collaboration with a creative partner will not only lead to enhanced solutions, but it will provide a clearly defined path forward. A creative partner will guide and empower you with the right plans to impress leadership.

Event Planning with a Pivot in Mind

A creative partner is beneficial because they plan for contingencies. This will help to reassure you but also braces the pain of having to pivot. Uncertain times presents the idea that plans can, and sometimes will, change at a moment’s notice. Planning for an in person celebration might become impossible, meaning you may need to shift from a live event to a virtual or hybrid event! Having a creative capable of delivering a virtual or hybrid contingency where everyone feels included is a necessity in making the event a success.

Contingency planning now and into the future will remain important because event attendees are seeking more ways to attend that offer safety, inclusion and flexibility.

A Virtual Event Pivot with Be The Match

BeEvents is no stranger to the COVID pivot. Last year, Be The Match put their confidence in us when their annual conference had to transition from a live event to a fully virtual event. We successfully transitioned The One Forum to an engaging virtual event that helped build connections and inspire action, creating a memorable experience for the attendees.

We considered every moment of how the virtual broadcast could be impactful and engaging to the audience. Including the directed show, virtual activations, live audience chat, swag giveaways, interactive activities and creative set design. We were able to reinforce Be The Match’s mission and immerse the audience creatively in a memorable, digital experience.

Don’t let uncertainty overwhelm you! Let us be your creative lifeline! BeEvents is a valued and trusted creative partner, we will guide and empower you to define and explore the path forward. Send us a note or schedule a discovery call to get the conversation started!

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