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March 2, 2022 Audrey Kearns

Food & Beverage Trends

What's Hot in Event Catering?

Recently a client asked about how they could fulfill their catering minimum more creatively at their upcoming event. My thoughts? Ditch the menu and deliver the unexpected to your attendees! Chefs love a good challenge, when you push them creatively you’ll end up with a fun and exciting new creations that will exceed your guests expectations.

So what does that mean for the future of catering as we get back into live events? We spoke to local industry leaders and compiled a comprehensive list of our favorite Food & Beverage Trends for 2022.

Food Trends

Hyper-Local Foods

With ongoing supply chain issues, we are focusing on supporting local farmers and suppliers, making the farm to table approach the most sustainable and effective solution.

Individual Charcuterie

Put the charcuterie board in the hands of your guests! These handheld treats can be filled with all sorts of yummy snacks and are the perfect grab and go appetizer.

High End Street Food

From tacos to flatbread, falafel to kabobs, you can’t go wrong with classic street foods elevated by unexpected ingredients, fresh herbs, pops of color and punchy flavors!

Dietary Restrictions

Vegan, keto, gluten free – providing options for dietary restrictions is important because people want inclusion and safety without having to double check the ingredients list.

Elevated Comfort Foods

It’s no surprise that warm and hearty comfort foods are trending, especially this time of year. We’re talking pot pies, mac and cheese, fried chicken, all kicked up a notch! Yum!

Deconstructed Meals

The one size fits all approach is out. Empower your guests to build their own custom meal by offering a range of delicious options. It’s easy and personalized.

Beverage Trends


People crave a novelty drink experience without the added alcohol. There are many great alcohol alternatives on the market, the mocktail trend will continue growing!

DIY Sangria Station

Wine, juice, fresh herbs and fruity toppings – the possibilities are endless! Let guests create their own sangria to enjoy, the hardest part is deciding red, white or rosé!

Fermented Brews

Fermented beverages are filled with good-for-you probiotics that take care of your overall wellness. Not only are the healthy, but they also have a unique flavor profile.

Italian Soda Bar

This customizable drink is bubbly, creamy and flavorful! Italian soda’s are simple to create, add fun glasses, straws and toppings for an extra pop of creativity!

Smoothie Shooters

Healthy treats made easy? Sign us up! Smoothie shooters provide guests with tasty nutrients, colorful superfoods, healthy sugars and protein to keep them satiated.

Espresso Martini

When caffeine and alcohol collide, get double buzzed with this classic cocktail that’s making a major comeback! And rightfully so, they’ll help you keep the party going all night!

Overall Themes

The Experience

Although food and beverage offerings make a huge impact, people are really craving the experience. They are looking for celebration, an escape from reality, a chance to get out and create new memories!


It’s no secret that people want highly personalized food and beverage experiences now more than ever. Customization is the key, your imagination is the only limitation. When you provide a personalized experience, you’ll differentiate yourself from others and leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

Feeding the Senses

Like we said before, people are craving the experience, elevated by food and beverage. To make the experience more intentional, indulge their senses. It’s in the flavors, aromas, textures, plating. With attention to detail and a little creativity you can create a moment where your guests are fully enveloped in the experience.

How will you incorporate these trends into you next corporate gathering? If you’re ready to start strategizing your event with us, click the connect button below to schedule a call!

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