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November 16, 2022 Audrey Kearns

Event Planning

Crafting an Effective Project Brief

One of the most important steps in working with a creative agency is building a project brief. A project brief outlines the known information about a project for all partners. It includes goals and objectives, details about the attendees, specific parameters and stakeholder wishes to consider as a strategy is developed. 

Building an effective project brief will provide clarity around the project and lend a hand in creating a roadmap for a successful partnership. 

Here are the top four things to include in your project brief to make it successful:

cocktail science


There is a purpose driven nature to events. Identify what you want to accomplish. What is the reason for having the event? Explore how you want people to feel. Consider how you will measure success. A clearly defined purpose will assist in achieving your goals and objectives.





event attendees


Attendees are the most important stakeholders at an event. The event activation is developed around attendee experience. Identify who the audience is. Start with demographics and behaviors then go deeper. Why are they coming to the event? What motivates them to participate? What is their culture? What excites them? With a better understanding of the attendees, the agency will be able to craft an event that they will love.





event presentation


Event messaging is closely related to the purpose of an event. Get clear about what it is you would like to communicate to your attendees. What do you want them to walk away with? Messaging can range anywhere from building brand loyalty to raising awareness, growing a community to inspiring action. When the messaging is determined, it will drive the experiential strategy forward.







Document any additional information regarding things that the creative agency will need to work with and/or around. Include information that is important to or will impact the design, the budget, desired elements, the desired tone and mood, what has been done in the past, etc. The more clarity you can provide, the easier the planning process will be. 




With all of these components, you are bound to produce an all encompassing project brief that your creative agency will love! Then you are one step closer to a successful creative project. 

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