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November 27, 2023 Audrey Kearns

Level Up Your Corporate Events

The Power of Gamification

In a world where we have to fight for attendees’ time and attention, gamification is more relevant than it has ever been in corporate events. As corporate events evolve, the traditional approach to learning and development just isn’t cutting it anymore. The age-old method of passively watching keynote speakers is proving to be less effective than ever, with a mere 10% retention rate after only 24 hours according to cognitive science expert Art Kahn. A gamification strategy is an effective way to engage attendees and achieve learning objectives, here’s why:

Dopamine Addiction

Humans are wired to seek pleasure, and dopamine plays a crucial role in this pursuit. By leveraging game theory, dopamine hits can be triggered through rewards and excitement. This helps attendees feel excited by the learning experience and motivated to continue contributing. This is especially helpful in contexts like sales teams where competitiveness is inherent, making learning experiences more enjoyable and engaging.

Get in the Game

Passive learning has limitations. Knowledge retention rates for traditional lectures are low, reducing the overall return on investment of event budgets. We recognize that the traditional approach is not always the right strategy for corporate gatherings. Gamification, on the other hand, promotes active learning by requiring participants to interact with the content—mentally, physically, and emotionally. Gamification leans into learning by doing.

Staying Relevant

The way people engage with content is ever-evolving, especially in our digital-first world. Activations that incorporate gameplay allow individuals the freedom to consume information on their own terms and the flexibility to choose their level of participation. Additionally, gamified events are far more marketable than traditional meetings, attendees won’t want to miss out on the fun!

Everyone Wins

The allure of gamification extends far beyond engagement and learning, This strategy creates a mutually beneficial relationship between attendees and brands. As attendees participate in gamified activities, corporations can collect valuable data insights into their behaviors and preferences. This helps companies create more personalized and meaningful experiences that connect with their audience.

Gamification is a powerful strategy that’s more relevant than ever. It taps into our love of rewards and excitement, ensuring active participation, and breaks away from passive learning methods. And on top of that, it helps companies understand their audience better. Gamification is a flexible and dynamic approach to meeting the diverse needs of modern-day corporate events. Level up your events by embracing gamification, and watch as your brand reaches new heights.

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