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February 22, 2023 Audrey Kearns

2023 Event Trends

Event Environment Highlights

At BeEvents, we are always looking ahead to what comes next. As a company built upon curiosity, we are driven to learn and understand what people are emotionally connecting with and how trends emerge from there. We leverage trend as a catalyst for fresh creative design. Reflecting on the past year, we see that there is a desire for spirited rebellion, audacious boldness and unrestrained expression. Read on to discover some of the event environment trends we are predicting for the year.

Trend 1 | Spatial Videography

Video projections add serious ambiance to any event space. Technology continues to evolve allowing video mapping to become interactive in nature, bridging the gap between visual design and responsive art.

Why We Love It: Projection mapping allows you to completely change your environment using technology, light and projection. Apply graphics to a full structure or pinpoint certain elements and bring them to life with animation.


Trend 2 | Radiant Reds

Bold red is a simple way to make a design impact. Whether you drench the entire space in it, or just use it as a pop of color, you can’t go wrong.

Why We Love It: Red is a complex color that elicits a range of emotional responses. From fiery passion to warmth and excitement, red is an attention grabbing statement color that exudes confidence.


Trend 3 | Hellenistic Revival

The aesthetic codes of antiquity are experiencing a real renaissance. The inspiration comes from ancient Greece to revive the Neo-classical era with Corinthian-style architectural features and bold patterned elements paired with ornate details.

Why We Love It: This trend is a luxe homage to decadence, with over the top details that will never go out of style. Let the wine flow for this classic celebration!


Want to learn about more trends we predict will be impactful in event environments in 2023? Click the link to receive the full report!

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