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December 14, 2021 Audrey Kearns

2022 Event Trends

What's Trending in Event Environments?

At BeEvents, we are always looking ahead to what comes next. As a company built upon curiosity, we are driven to learn and understand what people are emotionally connecting with and how trends emerge from there. We leverage trend as a catalyst for fresh creative design. Reflecting on the past year, we see that there is a desire for playfulness, a yearning for escapism, and a craving for nostalgic sentiments. Read on to discover the event environment trends we are predicting for the upcoming year.


Trend 1 | Adult Adolescence

Adult Adolescence is all about playfulness! Whether it’s superheroes, chasing butterflies or youthful games, we yearn for the nostalgic comforts of our childhood, elevated.

This trend expresses our desire for comfort and nostalgia while also offering all the fun and exuberance of youth, but for the adults we are now. It is an expression of playful escape that we have longed for.


Trend 2 | Calm + Tranquil

Calm + Tranquil event environments are made for you to find your inner zen. Lush greenery, natural wood and modern design provides a welcoming and eco-friendly vibe that’s perfectly approachable.

This trend feeds into our subconscious emotions, we’re anxious people who have rapidly evolved. It expresses the need to manage our anxieties in a new reality. As we begin to ease back into venturing out, we value and crave calmness to relax and refresh ourselves.


Trend 3 | Regency Era Realness

Although we are looking ahead, we’re taking it back to the past with this one. It’s safe to say we all fell in love with period piece television shows and movies during quarantine. Whether you want to keep it classic or camp it up, now is the time to live out our Bridgerton fantasies.

We’re excited for this one because it expresses our need to celebrate. It is evident that we longed for the opportunity to get gussied up and party like regal ladies and gentlemen, and now is our chance!

Want to learn about more trends we predict will be impactful in event environments in 2022? Click the link below to receive the full report!

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