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March 4, 2022 Audrey Kearns

2022 Event Trends

What's Trending in Event Engagements?

At BeEvents, we are always looking ahead to what comes next. As a company built upon curiosity, we are driven to learn and understand what people are emotionally connecting with and how trends emerge from there. We leverage trend as a catalyst for fresh creative design. Reflecting on the past year, we see that there is a desire for meaningful but safe interactions, often elevated by tech. Read on to discover the event engagement trends we are predicting for this year.

Trend 1 | Responsive Art

Watch art come alive with just a phrase, touch or brainwave. Responsive Art is the convergence of emotion and data through technology and transforms in response to user input.

Interactive art is uniquely personal and extremely inclusive, you don’t have to be creative to participate! You change the environment in a way that is representative of you by simply walking by, voicing commands or making movements. The possibilities are truly endless!

Trend 2 | Pop-Up Masterclass

From mixology to cooking, dance to floral design, bring in an expert for an interactive Masterclass session that’ll enlighten and indulge your guests.

Provide attendees with unfettered access to experts, celebrities and best in-class talent! They will love active learning, especially when they walk away with a custom cocktail or new yoga routine. Activate virtually, in-person, or hybrid; you really can’t go wrong here!


Trend 3 | NFT’s for Auction

Bring your auction into the future by featuring NFTs! Give your guests the option to bid on these unique digital assets.

Offer your guests lifelong, sole ownership of something personal and unique. This trend is a fun and exciting new way to raise funds for your business.


Want to learn about more trends we predict will be impactful in event engagements in 2022? Click the link below to receive the full report!

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