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August 26, 2022 Audrey Kearns

The Big Three

High Impact Areas for Creative Design

Create impactful event environments by focusing on three spaces and doing them really well. When you focus on the main areas of your environment you are able to make the impression you want and add value to the event experience. The three main focus areas should include the entrance moment, the stage and the primary gathering space.

The entrance is the first impression you make to the guest. It sets the tone for the whole experience and will shape the attendee’ expectation of what is to come. The entrance is where attendees start to feel the buzz and excitement of the event, building anticipation for the journey ahead. Create a unique moment that elicits an emotional response to delight your audience before they even enter the venue!

The stage is the space where your story will unfold. It will command the most attention during the event. Captivate your guests by creating an eye-catching, creative design on the stage. It will encourage the audience to actively engage while also promoting an effective means of content delivery.

The main gathering space will vary depending on the type of event, but typically the bar, lounge or other high traffic areas benefit from creative design. This is where most of the guest engagement happens. It is the social experience of the event, where connections are made and guests share in the wonder of their experience so far. Creative design will elevate this gathering space leaving guests elated, with a lasting impression of the event.

When you invest in expert design to guide your planning, and rely on professional production to get the details right, you are guaranteed to reach your company’s goals and add value to the event experience. We’d love to learn more bout your upcoming event! Schedule a discovery call with our Director of Business Development, Caroline Correia to get the conversation started!

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