making events matter, by design.

BeEvents is a creative agency focused on event strategy, design + production. We live to continuously contribute to the conversation and the experience of live events through our mission to make events matter, by design. We promote a collaborative agency model and an audience-driven design approach to craft attention-worthy, meaningful experiences. We exist to take risks, to try something else and to confidently take our clients to what is next.

welcome to the next generation of creative strategy.

We have news for you: authentic experiences are in. In this fast-paced, connected world, the demand for interactive initiatives and engaging environments is the challenge of any event experience. Another pretty party doesn't woo guests and event marketing doesn't mean splashing a few logos around the room. Authentic events require an integrated investment in marketing your message and managing your environment to make personalized moments for each and every guest. At BeEvents, we know that the success of any event lives in the experience of your guests. Therefore, our creative process ensures collaborative solutions, which harness the transformative power of events to engage and excite through an experience of thrilling theatrics or simple storytelling. Starting with strategy ensures success whether you are trying to raise awareness of your brand, raise funds or just raise the bar with your event. From corporate projects in need of creative strategy and an engaged audience to social affairs seeking energized patrons and elated guests; our award-winning collaborative team promises an event experience on message, on budget and unlike anything you've seen before.


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